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Beautiful and sustainable jewelry made with care in San Francisco. Edgy and unique styles to wear everytday. We have everything from tiny platinum stud earrings to Moissanite engagement rings made from recycled gold and fashion jewelry from solid sterling silver.

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Learning to Be Obsessed With Jewelry-Making

Sharon Zimmerman

Do you remember what it was like to be a beginner?

I know I do. More than 15 years ago I took my first official jewelry class. It was scary to be in a place of not knowing. I had been making jewelry as a hobby for years before I ever had my first real lesson, and I was intimidated by so many new tools in that metal workshop. And the torch! We learned on a h-u-g-e torch and I thought I was going to burn the building down. (I got over the torch thing pretty quickly because holy hell, torches are fun.) I also remember not understanding most of what my teacher said -  she told us to “see how the solder flowed” or talked about work-hardening the metal, or pickling (be honest - you probably didn’t understand that sentence either). I wasn’t sure I was “getting it” at all, but everything I was learning seemed full of possibilities, and I kept loving the finished results.

A student learns to use the torch to solder her stacking rings closed

A student learns to use the torch to solder her stacking rings closed

The point is, being a beginner is hard. We don’t all start out as experts, yet we all need to start somewhere. Why not start somewhere now? Beginning in April, you can register for one-on-one or one-on-two jewelry lessons, workshops, private customized lessons and even Craft Your Wedding Ring workshops. Work with me one-on-one, with a friend, or join me for group classes around the Bay Area.

To start, you can choose from Build Your Own Stacking Rings in Silver, move on to Wax Carving for Jewelry, learn Jewelry-Making Essentials at Jenny Lemons, or even request your own customized class - stone setting, chain making, wide band rings - so many options.

As for me, I pride myself on creating a non-judgemental atmosphere - there are no dumb questions and no such thing as too many questions. I’ve been making jewelry for more than 15 years and I have made my share of mistakes at my workbench. And you can learn from aaaaallll of them.

For one-on-one lessons, I’ll be there to guide you safely through every step of the process and to share with you how much fun it is to work directly with silver and gold. If groups are more your thing and if you love the energy and inspiration of other students, check out our upcoming workshop at Jenny Lemons.

Warning! Jewelry-making is a gateway drug into the maker world. You may find yourself getting inspired just by the process and wanting to make jewelry all the time (I know I did!).

Let me know in the comments below what you’d like to learn!

PS - Recently one of my students wrote me this incredible testimonial and I am verklempt:

Oh my, I had so much fun at this ring stacking class with Sharon Z! I’ve made a ton of things in my life but I was still kind of intimidated when Sharon told me we would be making five stacking rings from scratch. She immediately put my mind (and hands) at ease! She demonstrated each step and gave me plenty of instructions so I felt confident during every step. I was so excited to see my finished set of rings! My husband asked me 3 times “you made those?” which made me feel like they must have looked very professional. Sharon is a great teacher and made the class extra fun - she even provides snacks :)

--Rebecca S.