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All About Bezels - Scenes from our recent bezel set ring-making workshop

Sharon Zimmerman

Welcome to the fourth in our series of student profiles! Each week or so, a new student will be featured with parts of their story - why they fell in love with jewelry-making, what inspires them, and what they get out of each class.

This week features the work of a couple of our students in the recent Bezel Set Ring Making workshop. We spent a weekend going through each step - stone selection, design, using fine silver for your bezel, how to shape and texture your bands, best practices for soldering, and the best tools to set your stones.

We asked them some questions about how they decided to take this class and what they liked best.

Had any of you taken jewelry classes before?

“Yes! This was my third jewelry class with Sharon Z”

“Yes, this was my first jewelry class. I have always made my own jewelry for myself and for friends. A few years I started wire wrapping with copper, bronze and silver wire, mostly gemstone beads and pendants.”

What inspired you to take this class?

“I enjoy Sharon’s teaching methods.”

“I was ready for the next challenge and eager to work on real bezels, rather than wire wrapping the stone (although that is pretty awesome as well), I was also inspired by Sharon's beautiful designs, and beating cancer :)”

What was your favorite skill that you learned in this class?

“Soldering tricks!”

“Soldering a piece with multiple solder stages, problem solving and understanding the process that goes into bezel ring making.”

So you want to get started with a jewelry class that will challenge your skills? Here’s what you can expect:

In our Bezel Set Ring Making class, students get lots of hands on time. They get to learn more than one technique for setting, and we talk about and practice using a variety of tools. Also lots of creative license to do what they want to shape and texture the band to really make it their own. Students get to see how they can use basic hand tools and more advanced hand tools to achieve the same results, and practice using both. We even explore how to streamline and simplify the process, offering organizational tips and tricks so that you can go back to your studio and craft new and exciting work with ease. You’ll leave this class feeling inspired by all the new ways you can put this skill to use!

Ready to sign up for a Bezel Making Class? Hit this link to see when we offer it next!