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Beautiful and sustainable jewelry made with care in San Francisco. Edgy and unique styles to wear everytday. We have everything from tiny platinum stud earrings to Moissanite engagement rings made from recycled gold and fashion jewelry from solid sterling silver.

About Sharon Zimmerman - Sustainable Jewelry made in San Francisco

Making Badass Jewelry in San Francisco since 2011 | Sharon Z Jewelry | Shop Handmade Sustainable Jewelry in San Francisco

Modern Jewelry With a Modern Conscience

Photo of Sharon Zimmerman - Image Credit - Ryan Leggett

I'll bet you think that I sprang, fully-formed, as a jewelry designer straight from the womb. Bearing a torch in one tiny hand and a pair of pliers in the other, I leaped right into the profession with nary a second thought. You might even think that ideas spout forth from my skull like geysers in Yellowstone. This is not far from the truth, but believe it or not you play a vital role in its creation.

The jewelry I make is transformed by you putting your own personality and expression into it. Expression. That’s what I’m here for! In a culture inundated with social media and comparison, my designs give you the freedom to express that’s there’s no one else quite like you in this crazy wonderful world.

I’ve always been conscientious about my materials and my practices. It is my first priority. The gold, gemstones, and diamonds in my designs are ethically-sourced. I know where they came from and have considered everything they have impacted; planet and people. I’m also a certified SF Green Business, so you are supporting a sustainable endeavor that is bringing alternatives to the forefront of the jewelry industry.

I’ve always strongly believed in alternatives that put more compassion into the world. As a teenager, I marched to bring awareness to recycling and caring for the earth. In my 20s and 30s, I protested war and organized Take Back the Night rallys. And now, as an artist and businesswoman, I stand up for the earth, women, and love. My response to our social, political, and environmental problems? It’s time to f-ing love, people! I have a lot of love for people however they come. And I walk the love walk by supporting other women in business and giving to causes that rally for community, nonviolence, and equal rights.

Sharon and her studio mates - Corey Egan and Christy Natsumi - in their Downtown San Francisco Studio. Photo by Ryan Leggett

Sharon and her studio mates - Corey Egan and Christy Natsumi - in their Downtown San Francisco Studio. Photo by Ryan Leggett

Image of Sharon Zimmerman - Image by Noelle Trinidad

Image of Sharon Zimmerman - Image by Noelle Trinidad