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Beautiful and sustainable jewelry made with care in San Francisco. Edgy and unique styles to wear everytday. We have everything from tiny platinum stud earrings to Moissanite engagement rings made from recycled gold and fashion jewelry from solid sterling silver.


How We Make The Jewelry

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Mission Statement

I create beautiful and durable pieces that transcend fashion, season and trend-classics that you will wear a long, long time, with minimum upkeep and maximum joy.

Sharon hammers on silver at her bench preparing to make a ring

Sharon hammers on silver at her bench preparing to make a ring

Eco-friendly and sustainable metals and gemstones

I derive peace of mind from working with materials that coincide with my values as an artist and as a human being. My metals are purchased from Virginia-based Hoover and Strong, a reputable supplier that refines and sells 100% recycled gold. Its environmental and waste practices are above industry standards, and I am glad to have a relationship with this family-owned company. When I decided to expand my designs to include precious gemstones and diamonds, I wanted to make an equally conscientious choice about my supplier. Having been a metalsmith for more than 15 years, I have come to understand the issues and complications around conflict-free stones, where they are mined and how laborers are treated. In my opinion, “conflict-free” stones are a dubious ideal and they come with some dubious claims. I work hard to uncover the stories behind the stones that I use in my work, and when I find a new source of ethical material, I hop on it. I still work with lab-grown stones, as these are more traceable as far as the original source, and I am now pleased to include mine-to-market stones, where the provenance of these gems are traced from beginning to end. I have also added recycled diamonds and antique diamonds to my selection. These diamonds have been pulled from old jewelry and re-purposed. Best of all, no new mining took place to produce these diamonds. I also work directly with custom clients to remake their antique or vintage jewelry into modern-day heirloom pieces. We are a certified SF Green Business.

Artistic Process

I am drawn to jewelry-making because it is a process that engages my senses, my creativity, and my love of craftsmanship. My designs begin with a sketch, a word, an ephemeral idea, and when my hands come in contact with the materials, the process continues with an experimentation that organically takes life. I delight in knowing that I am creating a fine piece of jewelry that someone will wear and connect with for life.

I’m at my best when I’m working directly with fine metals - sterling silver, 14 karat gold, 18 karat gold, and palladium. Hammering, forming, embossing, soldering and melting metal are incredibly satisfying processes, and I love the blending of traditional methods with unconventional ideas and designs.

Image of Sharon's hands at work-image by Noelle Trinidad

Image of Sharon's hands at work-image by Noelle Trinidad

Commitment to Service

With more than 15 years of experience in retail and customer service, I love to discover how people feel and think.  My main goal is to ensure that you feel welcome, trusting and heard. Transparency is very important to me, so you can always count on me for an honest opinion.

I also love helping people find solutions - what gift to buy, what would look best on them, or even walking someone through their purchase of an engagement ring. I love talking through your questions. Jewelry is a personal expression and should look and feel good to wear. It is my pleasure to help you discover which pieces work best for you.